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At TFB & Associates Limited, we are the eyes and ears of your brand.

From understanding the current market to facilitating distribution and marketing strategies, we make sure that your imported products are fuelled with the resources you need to succeed. With a full range of services tailored to your brand’s unique requirements, we have the resources to reach millions of consumers all across the country.


With over 200 products in our family of brands, we’ve mastered the process of integrating fresh products into the Canadian market.

After 30+ years of experience, we pride ourselves on our award-winning importing and distribution services.

Through competitive analysis, a thorough review of your needs, pricing strategies and labeling solutions; we make sure that our suppliers receive industry-leading care every step of the way.

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Warehousing & Distribution

At TFB & Associates Limited, we handle more than just getting your products to the border.

With 500,000 sq ft in warehousing capabilities and coast-to-coast distribution services, we make sure your products are available to consumers nationwide. For fast-moving items such as food or beverages, you can also opt for the added convenience of direct-to-store delivery (DSD) to eliminate the middle-man.

Allow our team of skilled professionals to help determine the best option for your brand.

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Marketing & Management

With award-winning marketing services, we make sure our brands are presented in their best light.

From traditional media resources such as national TV & Radio campaigns, print flyers to networking trade shows and product sampling, we tailor a specialized marketing plan that will be most effective for your products, budget and target demographic.

Allow our in-house marketing strategists to position your products for the success they deserve.

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What Makes Our Services Unique?

Our Story

Our Story

With over 3 decades in the industry, our family-owned business has helped pioneer over 200 products since 1988.

As an award-winning service provider, our long history in the Canadian marketplace has become a valuable asset to suppliers all around the world.

Today, we have helped major brands such as Fisherman's Friend, Nairns Oat Crackers and IRN-BRU achieve major success within their respective categories.

Tailored Approach

At TFB & Associates Limited, we understand that no two products should be handled the same.

With unique features, purposes and target demographics, we make sure that our services are always tailored to meet the needs of your brand and products.

Through collaborative thinking and in-house strategists, we are committed to supporting your products with the strategy and creativity they deserve.

Tailored Approach
Long-Term Support

Long-Term Support

From beginning to end, we are here to support our suppliers through every phase of the importing and distribution process.

While many importing relationships end at the border, we have been able to maintain supplier relationships to 15-30+ years of business!

With exceptional communication standards and effective marketing strategies, we are proud to offer long-term solutions to our domestic and international suppliers.

Industry-Leading Resources

With access to every retail group in the country, our industry-leading resources give our suppliers the competitive edge they need.

From warehousing and distribution capabilities to strategic marketing campaigns and bilingual packaging; we offer so much more than just importing services.

At TFB, we are committed to growing your trust by delivering results.

Industry-Leading Resources

Share your products with Canadians from coast-to-coast!

Whether you are a domestic or international supplier, our tailored services are ready to share your brand with Canadians nationwide!

Allow our experienced professionals to handle everything from importing and distribution to marketing and management.

It’s time to show off what you’ve got!

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