What We Do:

At TFB & Associates Limited, we help suppliers share their brands with the hearts and homes of Canadian consumers. As a privately-owned importer and distributor of food, food service, beverage, health care and confection products, we have developed long-term relationships with every retail group in the country.

With coast-to-coast distribution and direct-to-store delivery capabilities, we sell to a variety of different channels, including:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Mass Market
  • Gas Bars
  • Drug Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Health Food Stores
  • Food Service

While distributing products from coast-to-coast can be difficult for both domestic and international suppliers, we provide full-service solutions to handle everything from importing and warehousing to distribution and marketing strategies.

At TFB, we pride ourselves on our years of industry knowledge, advanced market research and award-winning strategies to help your products succeed within the Canadian market.

“Pioneering Brands since 1988”

Warehouse & Shipping

Our Story

TFB & Associates Limited was incorporated as a private Ontario corporation in the fall of 1988. Our founder and former president, Tom Braithwaite, had acquired the Drug, Department Store and Specialty Food business from Cowling & Braithwaite Co. Limited where he had contributed as a Principal and Managing Director.

After coming to Canada, Tom Braithwaite found that many people missed familiar products from their homelands. Inspired by the nostalgia, Tom started importing international favourites from suppliers in the UK.

Today, TFB & Associates Limited has grown into an industry-leading importing and distribution resource for over 200 international products from around the world.

Our Culture

We are not a small business, but we sure feel like one. With over 30 years in the industry, we have maintained multiple supplier relationships that have lasted 15-30+ years!

With an emphasis on communication, initiative and transparency, we like to treat our suppliers like family. At TFB & Associates Limited, we treat every product as if it were our own.

Emphasis on communication

Why TFB & Associates Limited?

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

With industry-leading resources and award-winning services, we have a proven track record for building brands since 1988. In fact, there isn’t a retail group in Canada that we don’t distribute to.

Long-Term Support

Long-Term Support

At TFB, we take you far beyond the border. With exceptional warehousing, distribution and marketing strategies, we are committed to supporting your brand for many years to come.

No Conflict-of-Interest

No Conflict-of-Interest

We help our suppliers stay competitive by limiting brands to 1 per category. By eliminating any conflict of interest, we can help our brands stand out to consumers without the risk of internal competition.

Our Process:

Step 1

Importing Icon

Our services begin with extensive market analysis, a review of your current needs and helping you import your international products into Canada.

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Step 2

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Our second step is to strategically market your product through a variety of different mediums. By targeting the specific needs and interests of your ideal client, our strategies are designed to increase brand awareness and consumer interest.

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Step 3

Warehousing Icon

As a vendor to every retail group in Canada, our final step is to make sure your products are accessible to consumers. Enjoy the convenience of our warehousing and coast-to-coast distribution, or direct-to-store delivery (DSD).

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Our Vision

Our vision is to unite Canadians with the brands they love from all around the world. Whether domestic or international, we work hard to provide our suppliers with the personalized solutions they need to succeed.

At TFB & Associates Limited, we pride ourselves on contributing to the diversity of our Canadian culture.


  • BBB
  • Scottish Development
  • UK Board of Trade
  • CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Site License NHP
  • Medical Device License
  • Fish Import License
  • K&N
  • IE Trade (Import/ Export Trade)


  • Direct Trade (McKesson Buying Show)
  • Convenience Carwacs
  • CHFA Show
  • Grocery and Specialty Foods
  • Gourmet Food and Wine Toronto
  • Eat AT Vancouver
  • Fancy Food Show USA
  • ISM Germany
  • Sial Paris

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