Marketing Your Products For Success

At TFB & Associates Limited, we offer a full range of marketing and management services to position your products for success.

With a variety of different mediums and strategies, we work hard to implement a creative plan that will present your brand in its finest light.

Our long history in the Canadian import and distribution market has allowed our suppliers to benefit from extensive knowledge, reliable contact and effective strategies.

With annual market research, we keep a close eye on your industry, competition and target audience to always keep your brand two steps ahead.

Marketing Your Products

What Do We Offer?

While every marketing tool can achieve a different purpose, our experts have mastered the art.

From the preliminary stages to implementation, we are proud to offer award-winning marketing approaches to brands from around the world!

To best prepare you for success, we provide our suppliers with the following features:

  • Category Research
  • Industry Experience
  • In-House Marketing Expertise
  • Bilingual Packaging & Labelling
  • Compliance in Packaging
  • Forecasting & Presentation

By combining any variation of our industry-leading marketing strategies, we make sure that your products connect with your ideal clients all across Canada:

Smart Media Buys

Smart media buying means making sure your advertisements reach the right audience at the right time. Let us position you for success in front of the consumers that care.

National TV Campaigns

Nothing says tried-and-true like TV marketing. Put yourself in front of your target audience with a commercial campaign that will engage the viewer and draw on curiosity.

Print Campaigns

A good print campaign can get potential consumers interested in your product. Put yourself in front of the right buyers with effective magazine and newspaper advertising.

Retail Flyers

Advertise your brand with print advertising in local retail flyers to generate interest and direct potential buyers to where they can find your product.

Retail Flyers

Give your potential consumers something to get excited about while extending your reach and generating curiosity - all for the cost of a small discount or free product.

In-store Demos

Give your potential consumers something to get excited about while extending your reach and generating curiosity - all for the cost of a small discount or free product.

Sampling Campaigns

Nothing gets consumers more excited than trying before they buy. Sampling campaigns help bring your product straight to the buyer.


Create brand awareness in targeted communities by sponsoring teams, charities and/or businesses that align with your company culture.


Follow the crowd! Advertising your product at festivals & events helps you network your brand and put yourself in front of your ideal audience.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are the perfect place to network and reveal your product to potential buyers. Allow us to position you for the most effective networking opportunity.

With careful analysis and a collaborative approach, our marketing specialists are committed to preparing the most effective marketing strategies for you and your brand.

Through different combinations of marketing tactics, you can be sure that your products are in good hands.

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Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Our tailored services are designed to always keep you at the forefront of your success. With a collaborative approach, we are proud to combine your great products with our industry experience.

Award-Winning Marketing

Award-Winning Marketing

Recognized with a 2018 Effie Award for Fisherman’s Friend, our strategic marketing approaches have helped many domestic and international brands achieve their success stories within the Canadian marketplace.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

With 30+ years of experience, we have watched the marketing world evolve. As experienced veterans, we provide our suppliers with the advantage they need to stand out in a busy market.

Our Process

Each supplier is assigned a dedicated point-of-contact that will work closely with them throughout the entire process.

With advanced research, planning and many years of industry success, our professionals are eager to help you successfully navigate the Canadian marketplace.

Step 1: Research and Discovery

This first step consists of advanced research and a discovery phase of the current market.

By analyzing industry trends, changes, competition and target audience behaviours, we will have a better understanding of the needs and purchasing habits of your ideal target market.

Step 2: Project Brief

Once the research and discovery stage has been completed, our professionals will put together a project brief to outline the details and intentions of your marketing plan.

Once the brief is accepted, our team will move onto your product’s marketing plan.

Step 3: Marketing Plan

With a variety of different marketing tools at your convenience, your designated point-of-contact will present a marketing plan tailored to your brands unique value proposition and consumer needs.

This plan can include any combination of the marketing strategies outlined above.

Step 4: Customized Strategy

While every product is unique, our strategies should be too.

Allow our experienced professionals to customize a marketing approach that is unique to the characteristics of your brand.

At TFB, we treat every supplier like they’re the only one we have.

Interested in marketing your products to the Canadian market?

We know your products are great, but it’s about time the rest of Canada does too!

Through a combination of intensive research and award-winning marketing solutions, we are always committed to helping your brand stand out from the crowd.

Besides, there’s nothing more Canadian than sharing.

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