Bringing International Brands to the Canadian Marketplace

Entering a new market can be intimidating, but partnering with an experienced and resourceful distributor is the key to your brand’s success!

As importers and distributors of fine UK, European and Domestic brands, we have had the privilege of growing over 200 products within the Canadian market.

While some people miss the comfort of familiar brands from their home countries, others simply love the luxurious novelty of international products!

Allow our industry-leading importing solutions to introduce your brand to the nation.

At TFB, we treat every product as if it were our own.

For every brand, we provide:

  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Review of your importing and distribution needs
  3. Pricing strategies
  4. A bilingual labeling strategy
  5. Packaging and labeling requirements
  6. Testing

Products We Import

At TFB & Associates Limited, we import all classes of trade! Through advanced market research and planning, we evaluate your products and cross-reference our strategies with our contacts in the trade.

After fine-tuning the details, there isn’t a retail group in the country that we don’t distribute to! We handle the import, freight and customs clearance so that you don’t have to.

With a variety of products from all around the world, our brands are made up of the following categories:


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Health Care

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Our Importing Process

At TFB & Associates Limited, our importing process is designed to offer big-business solutions with small-business charm. With over 30 years of experience, our family-owned business is known for achieving industry-leading results.

Through a variety of systematic phases, our industry experts are well-versed in providing your products with the personalized care they deserve.

Phase 1 - Research

The first phase revolves around category research, pricing research, competitive analysis and market research.

This phase exposes the current climate of the industry pertaining to each specific product.

If the executive team recognizes a beneficial opportunity, they will then move in to phase 2 of the evaluation.

Phase 2 - Packaging

Phase 2 dives into the regulatory and bilingual packaging requirements for the current Canadian market.

By ensuring that your product packaging is compliant, we are able to prepare your products for importing and national distribution.

As health and environmental concerns have caused packaging and labelling regulations to tighten up over the past few years, our in-house professionals will always make sure that your products are up-to-speed.

Phase 3 - Importing

Phase 3 is where we finally get to the paperwork to start importing your products to Canada!

Regardless of your native country, our experienced teams are ready to facilitate all of the importing details so that you won’t have to.

From importing and freight scheduling to tracking and customs, our experts are willing to go the extra mile for the results you deserve.

Phase 4 - Positioning

At last, our opportunity to present your brand to the trade!

By introducing your products to the Canadian market, our professionals are able to evaluate a wide variety of factors including consumer interest, potential retail listings and performance forecast.

Once this thorough evaluation has been completed, we are ready to start placing orders for your products!

At TFB & Associates Limited, our support does not end at the border!

Our exceptional warehousing and distribution services allow us to distribute to every retail group in the country.

With a choice between warehousing and direct-to-store delivery services, we make sure that our suppliers are always met with the highest degree of efficiency, transparency and support.

Why Import With TFB?

0% Currency Risk

0% Currency Risk

When importing your products into Canada, we make purchases in your national currency! By taking on the currency risk, you won’t have to. Allow our experienced professionals to keep things as convenient, transparent and efficient as possible.

National Distribution

National Distribution

With over 30 years of experience, we have maintained long-term relationships with every retail group in the country! Allow our long history in the Canadian market to give your products a competitive advantage.

One Point-of-Contact

One Point-of-Contact

At TFB, we pride ourselves on personalized solutions. To improve our ability to serve you, we assign one dedicated point-of-contact to assist you through every step of our professional relationship.

Introduce Your Brand to the Canadian Marketplace

Are you ready to introduce your products to Canadians across the country? Whether you are importing traditional favourites or innovative goods, our experienced teams are ready to help you succeed.

At TFB & Associates Limited, we pride ourselves on our proven ability to share over 200 products with Canadian consumers. Allow us to treat your products as if they were our own.

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