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Great taste starts in the earth

From farm to factory and now to you, Fourmi Bionique granola offers a collection of purposeful blends made from well-raised crops — ingredients that haven’t been genetically modified or irradiated, that are free of pesticides, transfats, and other harmful additives or colourants. Our granola blends are assembled using a majority of local (85%) and organic (70%) ingredients and premium quality fair trade chocolates.

A nutritious breakfast need not be boring...

Looking for adventure? How about a stroll through a deep wood just after a rainfall? Now breathe deep and smell. Ahhh. Every bag of Fourmi Bionique captures the essence of Mother Nature herself, each with its very own, distinctive personality. Local organic oats are accented with unexpected botanics, for a powerfully nutritious and persuasively therapeutic blend of original slow, fresh baked granola.

Fresh Baked Organic Premium Quality
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