Max-Air Nose Cones

Category: Health Care
Squeezie-soft, reusable, Max-Air Nose Cones maximize nasal breathing volume to gently relieve deviated septum and stop snoring. Soft, Sinus Cones effectively stent open nasal airways to remedy sinusitis, clear nasal sinus congestion, relieve blocked nose and collapsed nasal airways for deep, peaceful sleep. Try our superior nasal cones today.

MAX-AIR NOSE CONES are proven 200% more effective than nasal strips. SINUS CONES are clinically shown to work 10 days faster than decongestants. Why postpone comfort? Why delay relief? Why wake up tired again tomorrow? Breathe Well, Sleep Well, Now!

Available in:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Available at Shopper's Drug Mart stores across Canada

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