Mackie's Potato Crisps

Category: Grocery
The Mackie’s Crisps story goes back many years… to when the Taylor family began farming in Perthshire in 1927, to them teaming up with Mackie’s of Scotland in 2009, and beyond.

It was way back in 1927 that the late George Taylor began farming in Perthshire, having bought Moncur Farm in Inchture. Who’d have known this would end up being the Headquarters of a flourishing crisps business?

Mackie’s Crisps are made with naturally grown potatoes, cooked gently in High Oleic sunflower oil. Mackie's firmly believe that their unique process “from plough to pack” gives our crisps tasteable difference, which sets them apart from other potato crisps on the market.
  • Angus Steak Crisps
  • Sea Salt Crips
  • Sea Salt/Vinegar Crisps
  • Cheddar/Onion Crisps
  • Haggis/Black Pepper Crisps
  • Chilli Pepper Crisps
  • Crispy Bacon Crisps
  • Honey Mustard Crisps
  • Tangy Tomato Crisps

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