Emile Noel

Category: Grocery
Huilerie Emile Noël uses an artisanal, traditional production method. Its endless-screw presses, very old but carefully maintained, extract oil slowly and gently. To make a litre of oil, it takes two to 14 kilos of raw material, depending on the kind of seed.

At Emile Noël, every effort is made to protect the nutritional benefits and the taste of the raw material. As shown in the diagram below, the company’s organic virgin oils are made by mechanical methods: first cold pressing or cold extraction, with no chemical treatment

Our Huilerie partners with organic farmers across the world. They supply us with organic oil seeds and oleaginous fruits that we press for oils to make our products. We therefore choose to purchase the value of high-quality organic production, which tends to mean smaller yields, protects nature’s ability to feed us sustainably, and ensures a decent income for every farmer.
  • Organic Flax Oil
  • Organic EV Olive Oil
  • Organic Fruity EV Olive Oil
  • Organic Sesame Oil
  • Organic Toasted Sesame Oil
  • Organic Canola Oil
  • Organic Walnut Oil
  • Organic Hazelnut Oil
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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