The Nice Bum

The Nice Bum - Enrich Lotion Tissue

Enrich is not one of those average tissues in the bulk stores. It is made from premium plant fibres and infused with luxury ingredients. Making such premium tissues is not easy, it requires extensive procedures, extra manufacturing time and top-quality materials. Our unique recipe ensures each piece of tissue is gentle to your skin. When you touch it, you will feel a refreshing, comfy and slightly moisturizing experience.

Organic coconut oil can absorb moisture in the air to make our tissues soft, and moisturizes the skin.

Our tissues are made with Vegan HA which provides maximum hydration and reduces the dryness of skin caused by excessive rubbing. Since all tissues are made from wood pulps, fibres are rough by nature. HA can greatly mitigate such roughness and provide optimal protections.

Olive-derived squalene is a natural remedy for dry skin. It can effectively protect and repair the natural barrier of skin and this formula helps prevent red nose and skin flaking.

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