Planet Superfood

Planet Superfood

Our outlook is as simple as it gets - we create products that we love to consume ourselves and share with our dearest ones. This is the meaning of our daily work and creativity...

Our story started with a surprise - what an extraordinary plant industrial hemp is! A tiny seed accommodates a vast nutritional value, the whole plant can be used in production and leftover parts can be used as a natural fertilizer. So, it all began with hemp - we started producing oil, seeds and protein powder. Our production capacity expanded - from Europe to Canada - and so did our approach to healthy and holistic nutrition. We started creating modern and easy-to-consume products. The process of discovering surprising natural ingredients intensified and the deeper we go, the more interesting it gets.

We follow strict rules while combining various fruits and plants that are considered superfoods:

  • all products are 100 % plant-based,
  • we do not use genetically modified ingredients,
  • we do not use artificial flavorings and preservatives,
  • we do not use gluten and added sugar,
  • when creating recipes, we strive for every ingredient to strengthen the effect of others,
  • we never compromise taste - healthy can and have to be tasty!
  • we ensure the quality of our products - we constantly invest in newest production technologies, methods and pasteurization devices - we're professionals in our field.

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